Is Wearing a Watch Considered Attractive?

Is Wearing a Watch Considered Attractive?

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A nice wristwatch can mean the difference between an ok outfit and a fantastic one. It’s commonly accepted that one of the quickest ways to add more style to your wardrobe is to get a watch or two. But what makes watches such a great accessory, and is wearing a watch truly attractive? 

Wearing a watch is considered attractive by many primarily due to perception. Watches give the impression that a person values both their time and others, making them seem professional. Wearing a wristwatch also adds more style to one’s appearance.

This article will provide a quick rundown of whether or not watches are attractive and what gravitates people toward these timepieces. I’ll go into more detail about what perceptions people make about wearers and why those particular traits may be appealing. 

Are Watches an Attractive Accessory? 

The question of “Are watches appealing?” is, of course, very subjective. Sure, many people think that watches look cool, but that largely depends on the individual and the timepiece itself (I’ll discuss this a little later). So, essentially, some people will find wristwatches attractive, while others may not care all that much.

Now, if you’re curious about what makes watches beautiful, I could sum that up as “a lot of things.” One primary reason people find watches appealing is that they’re an easy way to make any outfit look stylish. A well-crafted watch is a piece of art unto itself and, if worn with the right outfit, can add a lot of depth. 

Watches are an attractive accessory for many people because they can add flair to a person’s attire. Of course, not everyone is attracted to watches, so they may not bother to wear one or judge or compliment someone based on their watches. 

“Watches make clothes look better.” is probably the most apparent and generalized answer – however accurate – for why people like them so much. So let’s go over some other, potentially less obvious reasons why wearing a watch is attractive.

Wearing a Wristwatch Makes You Look Professional

If you want to look more like a professional, you might consider wearing a watch to work. It’s not a requirement, but it can help people see you as a confident, go-getting person that knows what they’re doing. Regardless of their occupation, professionals are likely to be seen as more reliable also. 

Someone who can glance at their wrist, tell the time, and get back to their job may be seen as someone who can be trusted to keep focused on the task at hand. Success also plays a big part in how well put together you seem. The accessories a person wears can offer plenty of insight into what kind of person they are or give a particular impression. 

Individuals who wear watches are also often viewed as being conscientious

Watches Are Designed To Tell Time

You might be thinking how a device made for a singular task is an advantage. Others reading this are probably wondering, why couldn’t you just use your phone to tell the time? Those are fair questions. You could just check your phone for the time, but they can be a little distracting. Sometimes all you want is to tell the time, and suddenly you’re on Facebook! 

This lack of distraction is what makes watches so wonderful to have. You don’t get sidetracked by everything else when you set out to do one task. Wristwatches are a fast and less intrusive way to keep time.

A Watch Can Be Timeless

Watches are accessories that’ll likely never go out of style. You can buy a watch today and still have it look good 10 years later. On top of the ironic timelessness watches have, they work well with pretty much anything in your closet. That’s unless you get the less time-proof kind of watch. You know, a digital watch. 

I’m not trying to be disrespectful towards digital watches, but they don’t have that ageless appeal. Digital watches can look clunky the older they are and aren’t liable to last as long as an analog one is. Smartwatches definitely aren’t immune to the effects of time. They have the somewhat awkward distinction of providing various perks but go out of date incredibly fast. 

Watches Allow Self-Expression

Odds are, if you want to wear a watch, there’s something out there to fit your tastes. There’s plenty of watch brands, and each of those brands has styles to accommodate everyone. Yes, even digital wristwatches come in various types if that’s what you’re into.

You can swap out your strap if you get tired of the original one, and there are all sorts of watch faces and sizes you can choose.

Watches are so cool that you can find watches designed for specific groups of people. For example, there are watches designed for divers. These watches are typically big, though, so you may not want to wear one at work! 

That said, you want to be careful with what kind of watch you decide to wear and when. Your favorite timepiece might be your Bugs Bunny collectors wristwatch, but it might somewhat clash with your professional worker image. 

Watches Are Practical

You can do anything directly from your phone, making it something you probably wouldn’t want to live without. This incredible versatility seemingly makes wristwatches pointless, except there’s plenty of places you probably don’t want to have your phone out. 

A durable, rugged, waterproof watch makes more sense if you’re going somewhere like the beach or at an event that requires decorum like a bar mitzvah or wedding. 


Many people consider wearing watches attractive, although there may be people who don’t find it appealing. The primary reason people like wristwatches is that they’re a simple way to add an extra bit of style to your clothing. 

More nuanced reasons for finding watches attractive have to do with pragmatism — they’re easier to use in certain situations than phones — and they can give the appearance of a reliable professional. 

Wristwatches can also have a timeless appeal if you choose the right kind. A chunky digital watch may not look too lovely ten years later, but a simple, streamlined analog might.