Should Watches Match Your Belt, Shoes, or Wedding Ring?

Should Watches Match Your Belt, Shoes, or Wedding Ring?

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Dressing up was simpler when we were young. Our precious bright blue or red water-proof watches with our favorite cartoon characters on their display complemented just about everything we wore. But as we grow older, like everything else, this gets complicated too. 

Watches should match your belt, shoes, and even your wedding ring. If they do not match perfectly, they should complement each other in color, texture, and material. In general, all your accessories need to match the other because even one misfit can ruin the complete look.

In this article, we’ll cover some general guidelines for bringing cohesion to your look, with your watch securing the knot tightly in place. 

The Look That Works Best With Your Chosen Watch

It’s not easy to plan an outfit to perfection as even the best celebrities hire full-time stylists to guide them. 

For men and their limited choices in accessories, it can be intimidating to find the right look. An easy and useful first step may be deciding the watch you will wear and then planning the rest around it.

Once you’ve chosen the watch you want to wear, match the other accessories according to the material of the watch, the material and texture of its band, and the color of the watch face.

The good news is that once you have decided on the type of watch, matching the other accessories is not as difficult. 

The Texture of the Band Should Match the Texture of the Belt

Having the same texture for your watch band and belt is a very important rule. Leather is more formal than metal, and wearing one that differs can portray a very confusing style. For a formal event, prefer black leather over brown. 

Make sure your watch and belt match in this regard too. 

The Material Should Match Your Buckles and Cufflinks

Leather bands only work with leather shoes and belts. Wearing the same color of the leather is important here too. A watch with a metal case or band can be synchronized with metal elements of the same color in your belt buckle, shoe buckles, and cufflinks. 

Choose clothes and shoes with blue and black shades with silver metal bands. Brown and black shoes go perfect with any tone of metal on your watch.

If your wedding ring matches the metal on your watch, you just created a perfect look, fit for a red carpet. However, since you only own one wedding band, an opposite color won’t break the look.

Rough, worn-in leather bands work better with jeans and can be paired with braided leather, tooled leather, or suede belts.

The Watch Face Color Should Match the Level of Your Dress Code

There is more leeway if the event you are planning to go to is casual. You might attend a casual day event if you have picked a watch with a light-colored watch face, which can be complemented with any informal belt and shoes. 

A watch with a bright blue face can complement a casual outfit with bright blue shoes and a belt. Brown, beige, and tans go well with gold watches.

Consider choosing a darker face watch, such as black or grey, for a more formal, evening look. 

Heirloom Pieces Do Not Need To Match Any Part of Your Outfit

If the watch you picked is an heirloom piece, you can forget about any guidelines and wear it with pride and honor. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t matching any other accessory. Just make sure the other accessories you wear do not distract the beautiful heirloom piece. 

Consider the Occasion You Are Dressing For

Whenever you begin putting together an outfit, your primary goal should be to plan according to the occasion you are dressing for, which might be a formal black-tie event, an important business meeting, or simply a date where you want to dress to impress. 

Read on as we list some events below and guide you on the type of watch best fitting the occasion, guaranteed to make heads turn. 

Black Tie or Black Tie Optional

A black-tie event is the fanciest of them all. Bring out your best-owned suit, tuxedo, or floor-length gowns and own the room. 

A dress watch with a stylish dial, thin enough to conceal beneath the shirt cuff or jacket, is your first choice. Make sure the watch only tells time as you would not want to spend time setting the calendar or fixing the date at a formal event.

According to GQ Magazine, the best dress watch is the SEIKO PRESAGE SHARP EDGED SERIES.

Business Attire

For business meetings or a formal gathering requiring business attire, suits with long sleeve shirts and ties are your best bet. A classic gold or silver dress watch with a thin dial or a diver watch with a leather band can complete your look.

According to The Silicon Review, a businessman with a bold and daring personality should wear an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra for its immense appeal. 


The dress code for Cocktail events, also known as semi-formal events, is between business and formal attire. It consists of bow ties for men with shoes that look smart but are ready to dance. 

You can pair your cocktail dress with any dress or diver watch. If the cocktail event is more informal, your smartwatch may work fine too. 


Casual events are the easiest to plan for as Casual means no dress code. Comfort and practicality come first when choosing your outfit for a casual event. Any watch will essentially work with casual outfits. 

But if you are looking to invest in a watch, Esquire had MB Savanna by Bremont on their best watches for men 2021 list.


The kind of event you attend is your key deciding factor for your outfit and accessories. When you have an outfit planned for your upcoming event, do not forget the most important accessory through – your confidence. Be comfortable and confident in what you wear.