Ways to tell if a Titan Watch is an original

I recently found a Titan watch at a stall in a market for a great price, and I was tempted to buy it on the spot. However, before I made the purchase, a friend convinced me that the watch was actually a fake.

My friend began by pointing out several discrepancies in the appearance of the watch. First, the Titan logo on the face of the watch was not quite right – it was slightly off-center and the font was slightly different from what it should have been. Second, the markings on the back of the watch were not consistent with genuine Titan watches – the serial number was in the wrong location and the engravings were not as detailed as they should have been.

He then examined the movement of the watch and found several more red flags. The balance wheel was not moving as smoothly as it should have, and the oscillation of the balance spring was not consistent with a genuine Titan watch. Additionally, the watch was not keeping accurate time – it was losing several minutes per day.

My friend also noticed that the materials used in the watch were not of the quality that one would expect from a genuine Titan watch. The case and band were made of cheap, low-grade metals that were prone to tarnishing and discoloration. The crystal was also of poor quality – it was easily scratched and not as clear as it should have been.

All of these discrepancies added up to a strong case that the Titan watch I had found was indeed a fake. I was disappointed and saddened by the news, as I had been so excited to have found such a great deal.

However, my friend’s observations were not in vain, as they helped me to learn how to spot fake watches in the future. I now make sure to thoroughly examine the appearance, movement, and materials of any watch I am considering purchasing. I also do my research to find trusted dealers and avoid buying from questionable sources.

Thanks to my friend’s guidance, I am now able to make informed decisions about my watch purchases and avoid falling victim to counterfeiting. I am grateful to him for his expertise and assistance, and I will always be vigilant when it comes to buying watches.