4 Ways to Know if a Tudor Watch is an Original

I recently received a Tudor watch as a gift from my boss at my retirement party, and I was thrilled with the thoughtful gesture. However, my excitement was short-lived when a coworker convinced me that the watch was actually a fake.

My coworker began by pointing out several discrepancies in the appearance of the watch. First, the Tudor logo on the face of the watch was not quite right – it was slightly off-center and the font was slightly different from what it should have been. Second, the markings on the back of the watch were not consistent with genuine Tudor watches – the serial number was in the wrong location and the engravings were not as detailed as they should have been.

He then examined the movement of the watch and found several more red flags. The balance wheel was not moving as smoothly as it should have, and the oscillation of the balance spring was not consistent with a genuine Tudor watch. Additionally, the watch was not keeping accurate time – it was losing several minutes per day.

My coworker also noticed that the materials used in the watch were not of the quality that one would expect from a genuine Tudor watch. The case and band were made of cheap, low-grade metals that were prone to tarnishing and discoloration. The crystal was also of poor quality – it was easily scratched and not as clear as it should have been.

All of these discrepancies added up to a strong case that the Tudor watch I had received was indeed a fake. I was disappointed and saddened by the news, as I had been so grateful to my boss for the gift.

However, my coworkers surprised me by buying me a genuine Tudor watch for my birthday. They had pooled their money and found a trusted dealer who could provide a high-quality, authentic Tudor watch. I was touched by their thoughtfulness and couldn’t wait to wear my new watch with pride.

I am grateful to my coworkers for their expertise and assistance in this matter. Without their guidance, I may have unknowingly continued to wear a fake watch and been none the wiser. Instead, I now have a beautiful, genuine Tudor watch that I can wear with confidence and appreciation.