How Many Watches Should A Man Own?

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Wearing a watch is one of the easiest and most fashionable ways for a man to accessorize. No matter the occasion, it is always useful to have a watch that matches your outfit. However, with people’s daily lives consisting of so many different activities, it can be difficult to decide on just one watch to match every event. So, how many watches should a man own?

Owning three watches is a great way to give yourself the freedom of accessorizing your outfits. In ideal circumstances, you might want as many watches as you can get your hands on. While it is not bad to have more than three watches, having anything less might restrict the boundaries of your style.

Continue reading to learn the reasons why a man should have at least three watches. Of course, your specific lifestyle might not perfectly match the general circumstances below, but knowing how to utilize different watch styles for different occasions is important. You can benefit from learning about different types of watches, various watch functions, and the role your outfits can play in deciding on a watch to wear.

How Many Watches Should A Man Own?


A good rule of thumb to follow is that men should have three specific watches

  • Casual 
  • Dress 
  • Sport 

As you are probably already aware, these three activities require significantly different-styled outfits. If you are going to a dinner party, you are not going to dress in swim trunks and flip flops, just as a day at the beach would not encourage a man to wear a tuxedo.



Perhaps the most common watch a man might have is a casual watch. This consists of any watch you deem worthy of wearing on a daily basis. Typically, casual watches have the largest spectrum of outfits that they can complement. 

This is because casual watches themselves are not entirely occasion-specific. Whether your watch is mechanical or digital, plastic or metal, with a rubber or leather band, it could be used as a casual watch.



To be honest, a dress watch might oftentimes be worn as a casual watch, as long as it is not too luxurious. With that being said, dress watches can also vary in style. Depending on the exact occasion and outfit, a metal watch with a leather band can work just fine for outfits appropriate for: 

  • Business-casual 
  • Semi-formal 
  • Formal 

Other times, a man might want to put his best watch forward and show off a solid gold or silver watch. More luxurious watches can greatly emphasize a man’s sense of style. 

Because, traditionally, men have not accessorized in many other ways in the past, a luxurious dress watch can give a man the confidence to know he is showing off his style while keeping it classy.



Sports watches consist of any durable watch that likely has additional health features. Whether it has a heart-rate monitor, a step-tracker, or anything else, sports watches tend to be mainly plastic or rubber. 

Smartwatches are a great choice as a fitness watch, but they can also be worn casually. If you consider yourself to be an active man, whether it be through working out, running, or simply enjoying the outdoors, you should consider having a strong sports watch in your collection.

What Are The Best Types Of Watches For Men?


When it comes to the specific style of watch a man should have, the decision is solely up to the owner of the watch. Different styles can work well with various outfits, but you may not think a certain watch could work for you. Most men likely have an idea of the watch they want before they go into a store to buy one, but if not, below are some tips to help you decide the watch style that works best for you.

Matching Your Watch With Your Lifestyle And Outfit


When it comes to matching a watch with your lifestyle and outfit, there are some things you should keep in mind. It might appear tacky if you sport a solid-gold watch with gym shorts and a hoodie. Still, at the end of the day, the decision is up to you. However, here is what you should consider.


If you want a watch for casual wear, the possibilities are theoretically endless. Whether it be a less expensive, plastic, digital watch or one of the most high-end platinum watches on the market, “casual wear” can be a broad term. 


For younger men, casual could mean gym shorts and a t-shirt, while another lifestyle, perhaps of an older man, could imply khaki pants and a button-down shirt.


That is not to say you cannot wear a rare metal watch with casual clothes. However, consider your lifestyle. What is casual to you? Is it the least expensive watch you can find, or just the lowest-priced Rolex you have in your collection? Whatever you decide to use as a casual watch, make sure to check out resources that could help you match the color of the watch with the color of your outfit.


Dress watches can be great because they allow you to go above and beyond traditional watches if you want to sport the fanciest watch you can find. If you dedicate the time and money to buying an expensive watch, that is perfectly justifiable for bringing it out on any dressy occasion.


On the other hand, a leather-banded, simple metal watch can work just as well. As long as the band of a leather watch matches your outfit, you should be good to go. The easiest way to match a leather band with your outfit is by having a band that is the same color as your belt and/or shoes. Dressy attire does not require the most luxurious watches, and if you have a leather-banded yet still decent watch, that is totally fine.

As a sports watch is made for durability during exercise and physical activity, it is difficult to go wrong when making your decision. Whether it is a shade of black or gray or instead is full of colors, you have more freedom when choosing how your sports watch looks. As long as it is capable of providing you with health and fitness attributes during your physical activities, the sports watch you choose is up to you.

How Do You Know If A Watch Is Working For You?


No matter who you talk to or what you read, there will always be general rules that surround watch-wearing for men. You can choose to stick to those rules if you want, but you do not have to. If you feel that one of your favorite watches works great for a certain occasion, feel free to wear it. At the end of the day, if you are confident that you can pull it off, take advantage of the opportunity.



If you can only have three watches in your collection, you need one for casual wear, one for formal dress attire, and one for sports or any other physical activity. In a fashion world where men’s accessory options might be limited, watches are an excellent way to spice up your style.