Are Fossil Watches Worth the Money? Here’s How to Decide

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Watches are a great piece of machinery that can be worn on the wrist and keeps time. But they can become expensive very quickly. Fossil watches are expensive and can often be questioned if the price is worth it.

Fossil, the common person’s luxury watch brand, is worth the money if you are looking for a watch that is high-quality and stylish. If you are looking for a many-featured smart watch, however, a Fitbit or generic smart watch may be more worth your money due to its similar features at a decreased price

If you have seen a Fossil watch glittering on someone’s wrist, you’ll know that they are as beautiful as they are functional. Fossil Group, Inc, maker of fine jewelry and leather products as well as renowned wristwatch crafter, boasts a devoted following as well as impressive features for watches of their price range. In this article, we will discuss the different types of watches that Fossil has to offer and explore whether they are worth the initial investment.

What are Fossil Watches?

Fossil is a popular brand of watches that are made by Fossil Group Inc, a corporation founded in 1982. They range in style and function, some high end, Swiss-made varieties averaging $800, while the more common varieties range from $49 at the very cheapest to around $320.

Fossil boasts many different types and styles, from simple leather to interactive smart watches to rose gold and minimalist watches. These watches are like new cars, they’re completely customizable, from the watch face to the strap and dials on the side. The bottom line is, you have plenty to choose from, and a choice of watches that will fit nearly any price range.

What sets Fossil apart is the balance that it strikes between a luxury timepiece (more on this in the next section) and a generic plastic wristwatch. While not a $12,000 Rolex, the Fossil watch is nonetheless timeless, and there is something for everyone. Made and designed by a jewelry company, is it any surprise that the Fossil watch is also gorgeous to wear?

Luxury Brand or No?

We’ve all heard of a Rolex, and possibly a Patrek Philippe, but what exactly is a luxury watch?

Luxury watches are typically not mechanically constructed (meaning they are not made in a factory), but are put together manually. These watches are extraordinarily high quality, usually designed with metals or precious stones, and are sold at an exorbitant price. Limited production and market scarcity also contribute to the exceptionally high price of luxury watches.

According to recent statistics, the average luxury watch costs well over $54,000, with the highest, the Richard Mille, being $141,171. Basically, the price of a cheap apartment.

When stacked against these criteria, Fossil is not a real luxury watch brand. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t fool you. While Fossil watches are mechanically produced and readily available, they are still crafted with leather, stainless steel, and other premium materials.

If you desire the opulent luxury look in a watch, you might consider something like the Riley Multifunction Rose-Tone Stainless Steel Watch, a Fossil watch in rose gold tone with diamond-like stones surrounding the watch face. Check it out here.

Watches for Style

When you’re working within a budget, there is no more stylish watch than a Fossil watch. Like the luxurious rose gold watch we mentioned previously, Fossil offers the look you want, and you only have to dish out $139 instead of $139,000 for it.

Fossil’s traditional watches with the standard face offer a display of multiple time zones, similar to an IWC Schaffhousen, and have the option of leather, metal, or silicon straps. These style watches are pretty basic in their function- they tell time and look really fine on your wrist, like any luxury watch.

Traditional watches come in many types: leather, rose gold tone, stainless steel, boyfriend, mechanical, minimalist, all to “match your many moods,” according to Fossil.

Fossil also offers “hybrid” watches, which have the look of a stylish traditional watch with some of the features of a smart watch, including music control, alerts, step and sleep tracking, texting, and social media access. According to the online reviews, however, the battery on this watch drains quickly due to the extra features, and customers are required to buy a new battery after 1-3 months of use.

Watches for Function

Fossil’s smart watches are similar to their traditional watches in their clean, classic design. The main difference is the watch face. The smart watches display the time digitally, but it doesn’t stop there. They can also display your heart rate, blood oxygen, calories burned, and steps taken. The smart watch can do Google searches, take calls, take pictures, play music, and answer texts. Most of them are completely waterproof.

Basically, Fossil’s smart watch is like a mini smart phone attached to your wrist. Like a smart phone, they lose battery and require charging after 24 hours. The only real drawback is the price. These watches, while gorgeous and functional, start at the sale price of $197, with the average topping being $300.

You certainly won’t be paying a luxury price for this watch, but if you have a little less to spend, you might opt for a Fitbit or smart watch from Amazon instead. These have the same health and time tracking functions, and will typically cost you under $50.

Our Overall Consensus

The name of Fossil holds a lot of esteem in the public sphere. Fossil boasts not only fine watches but a charity platform and well over 1 million followers on social media. It holds the reputation of a watch that is beautiful, long-lasting, and just a little bit pricey. If these are all things that intrigue you, then the Fossil watch is certainly a worthy investment.

We cannot fault the quality or attractiveness of the watches. They truly hold the glamour that befits a watch made by a jewelry company. Fossil’s smart watches are no less attractive and have all the features you need, including health trackers, music, Google pay, calendar alerts, texting, and calling, all within the reach of your fingertips, literally.

If you are less concerned about the name and more concerned with the function, however, a cheaper brand of smart watch such as the ones listed here might be more worth your investment.