Why are Hublot watches so expensive

5 Reasons Why Hublot Watches Are So Expensive

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Hublot is one of the most expensive and prestigious watch brands in the world. Wearing a Hublot watch on your wrist is a sign of wealth and privilege, but it comes with a high price tag. There are many reasons Hublot watches are so expensive, and fans attribute the high price to its unique designs, distinctive craftsmanship, and superior materials. 

Here are 5 reasons why Hublot watches are so expensive:

  • Hublot watches are made of unique materials.
  • Hublot has a costly marketing campaign.
  • They’re pioneers in innovative watchmaking.
  • The world’s top watchmakers make their products.
  • Buying a Hublot watch is a luxurious experience.

This article will discuss in detail why Hublot watches are so expensive, so keep reading.

1. Hublot Watches Are Made of Unique Materials

One of the significant hallmarks of Hublot watches is their unique materials. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another timepiece with the same composition, and the company loves to combine raw materials in unique ways to create extraordinary watch features. 

Examples of the unique materials Hublot uses include: 

    • Gold. Instead of using 18-carat gold, they use their own gold formulation of Magic Gold and King Gold, retaining its shine beautifully and is entirely scratch-resistant, making it perfect for a watch. Hublot’s Magic Gold is the world’s most durable gold and is made using a diamond. 
    • Hublonium. As the name suggests, this material was created by Hublot. The metal alloy is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable and is a proprietary alloy consisting of aluminum and magnesium. 
    • Sapphire crystal. This material is used in their iconic transparent watch and features sapphire crystal blocks. Sapphire perfectly showcases the intricate inner workings of a Hublot timepiece and comes in transparent, blue, yellow, and red shades.  
    • Carbon Fiber. This material is known for its durable, textured, and lightweight properties and gives a beautiful industrial look to watches. Hublot uses carbon fiber for a “barely there” feel on their timepieces. 
    • Ceramic. It takes highly specialized skills and top-level craftsmanship to include ceramic in a watch, and Hublot is proud that they can do this in an avant-garde way. Their ceramic components come in blue, green, and red.
    • Black diamonds. Hublot’s popular Caviar watch features a collection of black diamonds.
    • Rubber. When combined with the other materials in a Hublot timepiece, rubber is the cornerstone of the brand’s “Art of Fusion” watchmaking method. 

2. Hublot Has a Costly Marketing Campaign

It’s no secret that Hublot spends a lot of money on its marketing efforts. Their target audience is wealthy customers who enjoy wearing luxurious watches, and their advertisements appear in many high-end media publications. 

Hublot also sponsors significant sporting events, including FIFA football matches and Formula One racing events. 

Their marketing campaign also relies heavily on their brand ambassadors, including Kobe Bryant, Usain Bolt, Lappo Elkann (the heir to the FIAT corporation), the Manchester United football team, Bernie Ecclestone, Rohit Sharma, and more. 

Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) recently collaborated with Hublot to create the Classic Fusion Shawn Carter watch, which has a Maltese Cross and reveals the watch’s manually-wound movement mechanism.

Additionally, the Hublot brand is affiliated with many charities, and this shows its compassionate side. It regularly makes donations to organizations such as FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe), MDM (Mains Dans La Main – an Indian orphan charity), and the Smiling Children Foundation. 

The company often launches special collection watches which have distinctive features. Hublot’s “Five Million Dollar Watch” is marketed as the world’s most expensive watch; Beyoncé purchased one for Jay-Z on his 43rd birthday. 

3. They’re Pioneers in Innovative Watchmaking

Hublot watches are renowned for their innovation and groundbreaking technology. Their motto is “Art of Fusion,” meaning they expertly combine the best of futuristic innovation and the leading technology from the past. 

Hublot was the first watch company in the world to include natural rubber and gold in their timepieces, featuring their own in-house Hublot watch movements. This includes the 11 MP-05 barrel configuration, which is also present in the Ferrari electric hybrid supercar’s engine. 

As the world’s first watch company to use pure rubber in the watch strap, Hublot has designed the band to mold perfectly to the wearer’s wrist for maximum comfort. 

Examples of their most innovative watches include: 

  • Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic. This watch is a unique take on Hublot’s traditional design style and comprises a bright yellow ceramic face with a rubber strap in a perfectly matching shade.
  • Classic Fusion Ferrari GT in 3-D Carbon. This limited edition watch emulates the Ferrari sportscar and boasts 3-D, which is an important component of this vehicle. 
  • Big Bang Integral King Gold. With Hublot’s trademark King Gold, crystal, and the black skeleton dial, this timepiece will set you back just under $53,000 but has been created to last a lifetime. 

4. The World’s Top Watchmakers Make Their Products

Hublot’s headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland, where they have a team of talented watchmakers, engineers, chemists, jewelers, and physicists.

Here, they’re continuously innovating and creating new watch technology with their state-of-the-art equipment and watchmaking machinery. The Hublot team’s main goal is to push the boundaries of watchmaking to fuse aesthetics, technology, and comfort in the best way possible. 

Each watch receives personal attention, and many of the parts are installed by hand, after which there’s an extensive quality control process. 

5. Buying a Hublot Watch Is a Luxurious Experience

Hublot has a limited number of watch stores in several countries, and buying one of their timepieces is an experience in itself. 

Most Hublot stores are located in the top shopping enclaves in a city, and they aim to make their customers feel like royalty in store. 

Hublot stores are typically outfitted with the best quality carpeting and fixtures to create a relaxing and remarkable customer experience. 

While shopping, customers are offered champagne, caviar, cigars, and sushi. They’re also assisted by an expert Hublot salesperson that’ll explain all there’s to know about Hublot watches.

After buying a Hublot watch, a customer will receive free after-sales service anywhere in the world for the watch’s lifetime.