8 Ways to Know if a Fossil Watch is an Original

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As Fossil watches become more popular, counterfeit models do too. Unknowing shoppers may fall victim to counterfeit Fossil purchases.

But you don’t have to! Before purchasing a Fossil watch, use the following methods to verify its authenticity. Ready to rock a real Fossil watch? Let’s get started.

1. Inspect the Materials

First things first, if you are buying the watch in person, inspect the materials of the watch. If any of the materials look or feel cheap, they probably are. Do not purchase low-quality watches.

Remember, Fossil watches use real leather for their bands. Not sure how to identify real leather? it is actually quite easy.

Start by feeling the leather. Real leather is not perfectly smooth. It features imperfections and texture. Additionally, real leather will have the phrase “genuine leather” printed on it. If this marking is missing, it is definitely a fake.

Second, press your finger into the material. When you press on real leather, it wrinkles. Fake leather just depresses.

If you are a leather connoisseur, you can smell the band to verify its authenticity. But if not, follow the first two suggestions.

Finally, look at the back of the watch. Fossil cases are perfectly smooth. If you see any rings in the metal or other imperfections, it is not a genuine Fossil.

When buying a watch online, inspect the provided pictures. If the only pictures shown are directly from the website, be cautious.

2. Spell Check Everything

It might seem silly to spell-check the watch, but it is important. You would be surprised how many words are spelled wrong on a counterfeit watch.

You should especially verify that the company name is written properly. Every. Single. Time. Just because it is misspelled once does not make it a mistake. Retailers double-check these things and would not sell a misspelled product.

Occasionally, fake Fossil watches will spell it as Fosil or Fossel.

Read the smaller words as well. If anything is not correct do not buy the watch, it is fake.

3. Check the engravings

True Fossil watches have engravings all over the watch. Verify that all engravings are in the correct place. For example, the company name is printed on the watch face, the watchband, and the buckle.

True engravings leave deep impressions into the material and are easy to read. Meanwhile, fake engravings are shallow and have frequent imperfections.

One test is to run your fingernail over the engraving, if it is metal it should make a noise. If the engraving is not deep enough nor durable enough to make a noise, it is fake.

4. Verify the Warranty

When purchasing a watch, the warranty might not be the first thing on your mind, but it should be.

All Fossil watches include a limited one-year warranty. This warranty covers defects or repairs. You can return the watch, unworn, within 90 days of purchase for a full refund as well.

If the watch you are purchasing does not include these conditions, it is not an authentic Fossil watch.

5. Cross-Check Prices

Do you feel skeptical of the low price the Fossil watch is being offered to you at? Good. You should be skeptical of low prices.

Always cross-check the watch with the price listed on the company website. If the deal seems too good to be true, chances are it is.

At the time of writing this article, the cheapest Fossil watch on the website was $50, and that was the sale price. Brand new Fossil watches generally cost $90 or more.

Additionally, if the watch price seems higher than normal and is not sold directly by Fossil, be cautious of scams.

Currently, the most expensive Fossil watch is just below $320.

6. Check the Seller’s Credentials

If you are purchasing from someone other than a verified watch dealer or Fossil themselves, you should verify their credentials.

As a rule of thumb, never buy a watch from some random person on the street. It is definitely a fake.

Verifying the credentials of an online seller is a bit more difficult than an in-person store, but it is possible!

Start on the website. Look at the URL bar. If there is a small lock symbol in front of the web address, this is a good sign. This symbol means that your information entered on the site is encrypted to protect it from hackers. If the symbol is missing, do NOT enter any of your information.

Second, read the customer reviews left on the website. If any of the reviewers included pictures, look at these closely. If there are no reviews on the website, or they do not seem reliable, check the Better Business Bureau.

The Better Business Bureau collects customer reviews to verify the authenticity and credibility of businesses. Do not make a purchase from companies with poor ratings on the Better Business Bureau site.

In general, the safest choice is to purchase directly from Fossil.

7. Check the Serial Number

On the back of the watch, there will be a serial number. If you call Fossil customer service, they can verify if the serial number corresponds with that watch.

If there are any discrepancies between the serial number and the watch being sold to you, assume it is fake.

Even worse, if the watch does not have a serial number engraved in it, it is definitely a fake. Fossil uses these numbers to verify warranties and the number of watches sold. They would not make a watch without one.

8. Minor Details

If you are still unsure about the authenticity of the watch in front of you? If so, inspect the minor details.

Look at the watchband. Are the sizing holes punched consistently? If not, the band is not genuine. Additionally, if the stitching feels loose or of poor quality, it likely isn’t real.

Next, inspect the crown of the watch. If there are any abrasions on the flat part of the crown, this indicates cheap materials. This is a sure sign that it is not original. Unless the watch has been damaged the crown should be smooth. If the watch is damaged you do not want it anyways.