Here’s What Your Watch Brand Says About You

Wristwatches have only been around for a couple of hundred years, but many of us cannot imagine our lives without them. They keep us punctual, help us achieve our fitness goals, and in general just look great! While once a luxurious piece of jewelry worn by countesses, watches have evolved into a practical necessity for the common person, and then evolved back to somewhere in between luxury and function.

The type of watch that you own often reflects your income, your focus, and your position in society. Certain watches, like the Garmin, may show others that you are fitness-focused, while a Rolex may tell us that you have money. Either way, your watch of choice reveals something about you.

How do you know what kind of watch to wear to fit a certain occasion? Where should you turn when you want to look bougie at a party? Functionally focused? What about minimalistic? Let’s discuss.

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Fossil is basically the common person’s luxury watch brand. It’s not a real luxury watch brand, meaning it doesn’t have a market scarcity or sell for $30,000 a piece, but it’s still well made and it looks posh. Fossils typically sell for $80-$300, and they’re the sort of watch that you buy when you want to impress your friends but you don’t have endless money to burn.

Fossil watches are seen as luxury-adjacent timepieces, meaning that although they are made in a factory, these watches are crafted with high-quality materials and with much attention to detail. They are made by a company that also specializes in jewelry and fine leather products, so this can hardly come as a surprise!

As a possessor of a Fossil watch, you are not only someone who cares about what people think of you, but you also have a keen attention to detail that is reflected in the way you speak, the clothes you wear…right down to that glittering timepiece on your wrist.

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Let’s be honest, if you have a Garmin watch, you aren’t using it to tell time. And these chunky plastic watches are no fashion statement, either, unless you’re at a running tournament. Garmin watches are used mainly to track your steps, your cycling mileage, and include other fitness helpers like a pace tracker, route indicator, and even a virtual trainer.

If you own a Garmin watch, it’s easy to see that you are a huge fitness buff. These watches also track endurance, speed, and power, keeping track of your past workouts to see how you’re improving. Chances are that you are a goal-oriented person as well.

The cheapest Garmin watches start at around $130 and go up to $650. In fact, the average Garmin watch is over $400. So if you own a Garmin, especially the Forerunner variety which has all the fancy gadgets, we are guessing that you take your fitness routine very seriously. You might even call yourself an athlete.


One peek at Rolex‘s website can tell you that Rolex is basically the Apple of watches. Beautiful, desired, and highly expensive, with up-close video shots of each model, accompanied by a steep price tag in the thousands, sometimes even tipping $100,000. That’s the down payment on a house or even several houses. This tells us that you are either a high-powered businessperson, or you have a lot of inheritance money to burn.

Rolex’s are marketed as a “timeless luxury,” and these watches are certainly that: luxury. They are made in Switzerland, a country that is renowned for its watchmaking, and Rolex is currently the most valuable watch brand in the world. That also tells us that you might be a collector- of luxury items, and perhaps of friends and influence as well.


Casio sells some of the cheapest watches on the market, averaging under $30 for the least expensive models. By and large, they are clunky, grey, and functional. These are the kind of watches that your grandfather wears because he hasn’t figured out how to tell time on his smartphone yet.

If you own a Casio watch, chances are that you don’t care at all what people think of you, which is a virtue in and of itself. Chances are also high that you are over the age of thirty and are not concerned about fashion, especially when it comes to the functional device that sits on your wrist.

You can find these watches anywhere, from Amazon to Kohl’s. Find a standard model here.


There are many styles of watches that Orient produces, but by and large, these watches are a slim, minimalistic style, and generally top $150. This Japanese brand, though simple, is not cheap, and you are more likely to find a good model in the high $200’s.

These watches are very aesthetically pleasing, and some even have vintage features. Check out the model here to see what we mean. If you own an Orient watch, you are most likely an artistic type, but you’re not a starving artist by any means. You care about style and live your life in your own, perhaps unorthodox way.

Michael Kors

As Michael Kors is the name of a world-class fashion designer, it can hardly come as a surprise that if you own a Michael Kors watch, this is purely a fashion accessory. Through the hundreds of studded jewels and glittering silver and gold tones, it’s amazing anyone can even make out the time at all. These watches are as fancy as it comes.

More about beauty and surprise than functionality, Michael Kors watches present you as that same kind of person: flamboyant, attractive, but perhaps not deeply grounded. You are very concerned with keeping up appearances, even to the point where you might be willing to make interest payments to afford your accessories.

You likely own clothing from Dolce and Gabbana, and perhaps a Gucci handbag as well. The Michael Kors watch is the perfect timepiece to go with your glittering designer outfit.

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