blue watch with black suit

Can You Wear a Blue Watch With a Black Suit?

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Matching a watch with your suit can be both fun and overwhelming at times. It is difficult to keep up with what is and is not acceptable to wear. So, let’s answer the common question of whether it is okay to wear a blue watch with a black suit. 

You shouldn’t pair a blue watch with a black suit. Watches should be chosen carefully based on the color of the suit. The only time it is acceptable to wear a blue watch with a black suit is to match other accessories with it. 

Let’s go into more detail about blue and black and what accessories you should consider to tie the suit and watch together. 

Why Shouldn’t You Wear a Blue Watch With a Black Suit?

If your blue watch is the only pop of color in your outfit, then it will stand out the most. The main idea of a black suit is that it is simple and elegant, and the blue watch would distract too much from the suit. 

Fashion is all about creative expression. So, while some ideas like this one may not be recommended, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Ultimately, you get the final say in what you wear, but let’s talk about why it might not be a good idea to pair a blue watch and a black suit. 

Black Is a More Formal Color

A black suit is one of the most traditional and formal parts of fashion. Let’s face it. Everyone looks good in a black suit. In fact, they are very versatile, from weddings to business meetings. Black suits are the most popular and sought-after

When considering the formal aspect of a black suit, a blue watch can pull the attention from the suit and make it seem less formal. So, if you think a black suit may be too formal for where you are going, then a blue watch may be worth considering. Otherwise, it may make your suit a little less formal. 

A Blue Watch Will Draw Attention From the Suit

Part of the charm of a black suit is the attention it draws. Whether you choose a bowtie or no tie at all, not much will distract from how good you look in a black suit. A blue watch can pull the eye away from you and your suit. 

You don’t want eyes headed toward your wrist when you enter the room, and that is a risk if you choose a blue watch. So, keep the attention on the suit itself by sticking with a black watch or none at all. 

The Shade of Blue Makes a Difference

A dark blue like midnight or navy will come across as more professional than lighter shades of blue. The actual shade will determine how much the watch stands out and how professional it looks. 

Softer shades of blue like Tiffany blue or baby blue will not pair as well with a black suit because they’ll pull the eye away from your suit and directly to your bright-colored watch. Even though the watch may be eye-catching, it will not be seen as classy or sophisticated compared to a darker color or just the suit alone. 

So, if you do choose to wear a blue watch with your black suit, it would be best to stick with a dark shade of blue so that it stands out less. This will keep the attention on your suit and seem more professional. Although, it won’t be as professional as a black watch

What Color Watch Can I Wear With a Black Suit?

If you want to come across as sophisticated and professional, you should pair your black suit with a black, white, silver, or gold watch. These colors are traditional and are not as playful as a blue watch. 

When it comes to events requiring a black suit, sophistication is key. In fact, some events may consider wearing a watch to be rude, especially if you check it. For these events, it may be best to leave it at home or wear a black watch that blends well with your suit. 

A Black Watch Is the Safest

Like we discussed above, if you are looking for the perfect watch to match your black suit, a black watch is a safe choice. Not only will it match your suit, but it also will not distract from the suit itself. This allows people to notice your entire ensemble rather than just a statement accessory like a blue watch

White Is a Classic Choice

White is another valid option for watches because it gives the simplicity of black without blending in with your suit. A white watch will match your shirt rather than the jacket and pants. It stands out enough to be noticed but not enough to command attention like a different bright color. 

The only problem with a white watch is that it is easy to notice every imperfection. Whether it is stained, scratched, or just faded, white will show all of these imperfections more dramatically than a black watch. So, only try this option if you can keep your watch clean and free from damage. 

Gold and Silver Watches Look Classy

Trying to tie together a classical black suit can be tricky, but why not do it with an equally classical watch? Silver and gold both stand out, but they also offer a level of sophistication that other colors do not. 

Pair silver or gold with your black suit, and you don’t have to worry about looking professional, sophisticated, and ready for anything. These colors tend to be the most expensive for watches, so make sure you are ready to spend a little more on them. 

While silver and gold may distract from your suit a little bit, they complement a black suit so well that the distraction is minimal. So, try these out if you want something a little different from black without going for a crazier color. 

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t wear a blue watch with a black suit because it will distract from the classical sophistication of the suit. So, try other colors like black, white, silver, or gold, and don’t be afraid to leave the watch behind altogether if you can’t make up your mind.