9 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Automatic Watch

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Automatic watches are timeless pieces of machinery that look wonderful for lifetimes, and function well for decades. However, many people wonder if they are worth the high cost, as they typically cost more than more common quartz watches.

If you want to know why you should get an automatic watch, keep reading, as there are many reasons why you should purchase an automatic watch.

1. Visual Appeal

Automatic watches are known for being visually appealing, and they always are, no matter the price. The watch face is clear and has precise markings that are visually appealing. It is covered with glass that is cleaned to spotless, scratch-less perfection. However, most people who have an automatic watch don’t focus on the appearance of the watch face, as they enjoy other things about their automatic watch.

The mechanics behind the face of the watch is what makes people stop and stare as the various parts work seamlessly. The mechanics of automatic watches are typically exposed in some way so the owner of the watch and the people around them can clearly see the gears working. This is visually appealing to many people, and rightly so.

The way that the hands on automatic watches move is visually appealing because the movement is constant and always steady. This constant, smooth movement is quite different from the hand movement of many other types of watches because the movement is slightly jerky and stops periodically to mark minutes and seconds. The hands on an automatic watch don’t ever stop, which makes the movement more visually appealing than other watches. (Source)

Oftentimes, there are extra watch faces called complications that add functions to the watch. While a normal watch only tells time (and maybe the date), automatic watches have the ability to show the time, show the date, show the phases of the moon, have a stopwatch, a perpetual timer, and chime when it reaches a preset time. If you want to use your watch for multiple things, and don’t want to just rely on it when you want to know what time it is, you should definitely get an automatic watch. (Source)

Overall, if you want a watch that will look amazing on your wrist, you should purchase an automatic watch over any other type as they are the most visually appealing and will always look amazing.

2. Smooth Second Hand Movement

The second hand of automatic watches is constantly moving and moves smoothly, while the second hand of many other types of watches stops and starts constantly, which doesn’t look very appealing. The second hand of automatic watches almost seems to move in a sweeping motion, which is very visually appealing.

The second hand on automatic watches constantly move because the gears that power automatic watches are constantly moving. Don’t worry about the constant movement, as automatic watches tell time accurately most of the time if they are set correctly in the morning or when they are first put on the owner’s wrist.

If you don’t like the appearance of the second hand of most watches, then you should definitely get an automatic watch, as you will enjoy watching the near-constant movement of the second hand that are on automatic watches.

3. Made of Quality Materials

Automatic watches are made of high-quality materials, which makes the high cost of each watch worth it. Each gear and spring in an automatic watch is made to perfection and made of high-quality metals and other various materials.

Although the materials that make up an automatic watch are small and lightweight, they are durable and won’t become dented or break easily.

People sometimes say that the heavier the item, the higher the quality and the longer it will last. When it comes to automatic watches, this assumption is true. Automatic watches are slightly heavy when you first pick them up because of the weight of the various gears, but the weight seems to nearly disappear as soon as you put it on your wrist. This makes it feel high quality and makes you feel rich when you are wearing it.

4. They Don’t Use Batteries

Automatic watches don’t rely on batteries to function properly. Instead, they wind with the natural movement of your wrist.

Automatic watches rely on the mainspring in order to work properly, and the mainspring needs to be wound after a certain period of time. Luckily, it is very easy to wind an automatic watch, and it is easy to tell when you need to stop winding it and it is ready to use for the day.

Automatic watches last between 36-50 hours, although that varies depending on the quality of the watch and the movement of your wrist while you are wearing the watch. When your wrist moves, it helps the gears move, so they don’t require as much energy from the mainspring to be used. (Source)

If you want to know how long your automatic watch will last if you fully wind the mainspring, check the manufacturer’s product specifications and find the power reserve information.

5. They Last for Years

Automatic watches last for lifetimes if they are regularly serviced and maintained. They are often given to children and adults as heirlooms, which proves they stand the test of time because when the heirlooms are given to the children, they still work, even if the parent has had them for most of their life.

Because automatic watches don’t use batteries, the power source doesn’t need to be replaced every few years after it runs out of power. Instead, it relies on the power of tension. Sometimes if the mainspring wears out or is wound too tightly it needs to be replaced, but that doesn’t happen frequently.

Automatic watches are known for their longevity. Meanwhile, other watches die after a few years because the battery dies. You won’t need to ever throw away your automatic watch because it has died. (Source)

Even if you don’t wear your automatic watch frequently, it will last for a lifetime, as long as you service it regularly. However, exactly how long your watch will last depends on the quality of the workmanship and how often it is serviced and cleaned. If you want your automatic watch to last for a lifetime, purchase a quality-made watch and have it serviced and cleaned regularly.

When watches were first made, before batteries and screens were invented, they were made to last and made of quality materials because of how precise the movement of the gears needed to be in order to work properly. They were also made to last because no one wanted to, or could necessarily afford to, purchase a new watch every few years after their current one broke. They needed items to last for a lifetime, so they were made with quality materials. (Source)

Although automatic watches have changed over time, the gears and materials are still based on the original watches and are still made by talented craftsmen. Modern automatic watches are made to last, and they will not disappoint you by breaking easily. Instead, if you take care of your watch and have it regularly serviced, you will be able to pass it onto your children, and it will still work properly.

6. They Can Be Repaired

Automatic watches can easily be repaired by a watch repairman if they do somehow break. Unfortunately, because automatic watches are so small and the parts are sometimes delicate and need to be made precisely, it is expensive to have a watch repairman repair your automatic watch. It also takes time to repair automatic watches because all the parts are so small and delicate.

However, if you learn how to, you can possibly repair your automatic watch yourself. However, if you don’t know how to fix your automatic watch, don’t try to, as you may cause more damage and you will have to pay more money to have your watch repaired.

Fortunately, automatic watches don’t break frequently if they are taken care of properly. If you don’t want to eventually have your automatic watch repaired, clean and have it serviced regularly.

7. Relatively Easy to Maintain

Automatic watches are relatively easy to maintain. All you need to do is keep it clean, have it serviced regularly, and make sure that it doesn’t get wet or dropped from a large height.

If you don’t want to service your watch yourself, you can have a watch repairman or a watch-making company do it for you. However, if you want to service it yourself in order to save money and because it is something you enjoy spending time on, then clean and service your automatic watch yourself.

When you put away your automatic watch, make sure that the glass in front of the watch face is wiped clean and the band doesn’t have any dirt or debris on it. This will keep the glass and band from getting scratched while it is being put into and taken out of storage.

In order to maintain your automatic watch, make sure that it is constantly wound, even if you don’t wind it much. If you keep it wound, then it will constantly tell the time and you won’t have to adjust it when you wear it next. Keeping it wound will also ensure that the gears as constantly moving and not getting stuck, which can happen if your automatic watch isn’t used or wound for a long period of time.

8. Easy to Store

Automatic watches are easy to store and display. If you have multiple automatic watches, you can get a large box with a glass top to showcase and store all of your watches. If you only have one automatic watch, you can put it in the box that it came in and put the box on top of your dresser or nightstand, or you can get something that will display your automatic watch for everyone to see.

As automatic watches are not very large compared to many other items, you don’t have to purchase a large box to store them in. You can get a thin, long box that will showcase or hide the watches that you can put nearly anywhere. Just remember to clean your watch thoroughly before storing it to keep it from getting scratched.

9. Conversation Starter

And last—but not least—automatic watches are great conversation starters.

When people see automatic watches on other people’s wrists, they think that the watch is really interesting and want to talk to the person who is wearing it, especially because not many people wear watches nowadays unless they are going to a nice dinner or fancy event.

If you have an automatic watch, you have something to talk about with strangers when you are at an event or an area where you don’t know anyone. This is helpful because now you won’t have to suffer through many awkward silences. When you have an automatic watch, people will compliment you on it and start a conversation with you. That won’t happen if you don’t have an automatic watch—not many people are quick to point out Apple watches since they are so common.

Now that you know some reasons why you should purchase an automatic watch, start looking for one that appeals to you and fits your budget. You can purchase an automatic watch online, or you can go to a watchmaker or manufacturer and see if they have something that appeals to you. You can even sometimes design your own automatic watch.