Should You Ever Spend More Than $10k on a Watch?

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When deciding on your choice of watch, what are you looking for? You’re probably in the market for something that’s reliable, durable, classic, and worth the money. Watches should be bought with the intent of using them for years to come so they do not end up a bad investment. Is $10,000 too much to spend though?

While a watch that costs $10,000 or more may be perfect for you, it is possible to buy a practical, reliable, and durable watch for much less than $10k. 

Watches can be eye wateringly expensive for a large variety of reasons.

Branding is one reason. There is a tier of watches, sometimes called mid-tier, that fall into the $500-$1000 bracket, that can also be referred to as ‘fashion watches.’ These watches are made by big fashion labels, and emphasize the style and appearance of the watch over the craftsmanship. If you’re looking to buy a watch simply to make a fashion statement, it’s possible to purchase a fashion watch in this bracket.

Watches that fall in the $10,000 plus category, such as Rolex watches, tend to attract these higher prices for a variety of reasons. One reason is craftsmanship. Rolexes are hand made, and it sometimes takes an individual craftsman up to 40 hours, or one working week, to craft one of these watches. For over a hundred years Rolex has been at the forefront of watch development, and their quality testing and craftsmanship is second to none in the world. Consequently, they have developed a very fine reputation, and an excellent brand. Watches such as Rolex, and Omega are often worth more than $10,000 to watch enthusiasts because they like to wear pieces that are of the highest craftsmanship, dependability, and reputation.

Remember that second hand watches that cost over $10,000 lose their value much more slowly than watches that have been bought first hand, because they have already suffered the price drop that occurs the moment a new item is walked out of the store.

What Fits You

Really, it all depends on you. Is a $10k investment of a single watch worth the price? Watches, should you desire one, should fit you and your needs, first and foremost.

When you buy a car and drive it out of the parking lot, its value decreases by 9-11%, and this principle holds true for watches as well. When bought, their initial value decreases, however, as time passes, they might eventually begin to rise in price again (if they are from a good brand and have some inherent value). When watches are old vintage models from your great-grandmother’s day, then they have the added value of being an antique.

Apple/Smart Watches

Right now, we’re moving into the 21st century and digital watches are becoming popular, such as Apple or Smartwatches, which are simple and easy to use. They are not large and bulky like other traditional brands and they offer more functionality. These are practical, durable, and quite convenient because you can connect them to your phone.

When the watch and phone are linked, you can access your contacts, pictures, camera, and music easily if you do not have your phone with you. Apple watches on Amazon range from $30 all the way up to $400, but even the most expensive options are a far cry from $10,000. As a general rule for all watches, you can find a good quality model in the $30-$300 price range. This budget range is also a popular area to shop in because most people can afford it.


Now, if you are the type of person who would love to get a fancy, expensive watch, there are ways to get it without going into debt and paying it all off later. There is a tactic in budgeting that Dave Ramsey, a financing expert, calls a Sinking Fund. It’s when you create a fund and set aside a small, specified amount of money every month. Over time, these little savings build up. And it keeps accumulating until you reach your goal. If you really want a $10k watch that will last a long time – hopefully for the rest of your life – then set aside money into a fund every month for a year or two (because $10,000 is a lot of money). Once you’ve reached that goal, and if you still want that watch, then go ahead and buy it.

Remember, don’t go into debt, or put yourself into financial strain to buy a watch. Buying an expensive watch second hand is a great way to ensure that it loses its value more slowly (or even in some rare cases increases in value). Ultimately, it is possible to buy an excellent time piece, such as a Tissot or Seiko, that has a great reputation, for far less than $10,000. But if you can afford it, and the craftsmanship and reputation of your watch is highly valuable to you, then a watch that costs over $10,000 may be just the thing to put a smile on your dial.